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Intuitive Connections: How to Use Your Divine Guidance to Create Your Most Meaningful Relationship Changes
March 06, 2017 03:33 PM PST
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On this Telecall, Deborah and I REVEALed some insightful and private experiences in our lives that has lead us to some amazing Divinely Guided lessons.

One of the many lessons we talk about on the call, is how clearing just one grievance with a past person or relationship can open upon more money, joy, and love in your current life. We talk about ways that you can connect with Divine to begin to clear the past or current hurts, emotions, or painful memories. (Even the ones you 'think' you may have 'gotten over'). It is much easier than you believe. You just have to LEARN THE WAYS TO ASK for Divine's Guidance.

... AND on the call, we walk you through a Divinely Guided mediation called, The Centriod Balancing Method: A Light Fusion Practice for Strengthening Your Connection with Divine. (Our Other Free Gift to You).

In addition, we also explain:
• How past projections and exceptions are creating the frustrations, anger, and fear you are replaying in your current relationships
• How to identify relationship energy vampires and how to cut the cords from these energy drainers so you can draw in more orgasmic dynamic connections
• How to channel your personal connection with the Divine so that you can create more meaningful passion and attraction with those who are most meant for you, AND how to do it many times over so you innately strengthen this connection

As we mentioned before, this is not your standard "relationship" call and I can't say it enough, this Telecall is for you even if you are simply not sure whether you are having a confusing 'relationship' or not.

Like you may have heard us mention before, on this Telecall we are go the deepest we have ever gone, so get ready for a shift.

Give some feedback and grab some free bonuses here: http://lyanca.com/divine-trust-intuitive-connections-replay/

I’ve Been Betrayed: The Invitation to The 30 Day RELEASE Project [Podcast]
July 22, 2016 08:47 PM PDT
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Right now is such an interesting time in Earth’s history. Change is almost prominent almost everywhere you look. In many cases, these changes can show up as complications or as conflict. Just turn on the TV or ‘tune’ into social media and it’s almost impossible to ignore.

unnamedIn fact, this summer this same type of un-rest showed up for me too – in the form of betrayal (that’s how I viewed it).

At first, I was super frustrated, hurt, and out-right angry. I even started doubting my own business skills… because. “how could I let this happen to me in my business?” I thought, “I teach business, how could I have made a BASIC mistake that ALLOWED me to be betrayed”.

Immediately I started down the slippery slope of guilt and self-blame thus keeping an existing past pattern of mine in place. What tha?

So, I did what any great business owner should do… I reached out to my support team which is my husband and wonderful business partner Deborah.

While I was crying to Deborah, she didn’t try to stop me from crying, but she did make a very powerful suggestion. A suggestion so beyond my immediate comprehension that I was terrified to even think that I could do it during those moments of tears.

It is because of her suggestion, that I was able to completely create a mega shift and start to actually REVERSE the PATTERN!

Today on this week’s episode of The REVEAL podcast we talk about the very provocative (at least that’s what I thought) tool that Deborah suggested and how we are inviting you to participate with us every day for 30 DAYS to finally release those who have wronged you (even if it happened long ago, and especially if you think you are PAST it).

To participate, be sure to join us by listening to the Podcast episode live or on the replay here… http://reveal.lyanca.com/live

Then, sign up to join us for this 30 Day “Release” Challenge on the Private Facebook Group – where we will connect with you everyday for 30 Days to support you with this life changing challenge (project).

Deborah and I will be participating live and documenting all of our experiences everyday for 30 Days to let you know we are right here with you.

Although change is the one thing we can consider constant, it is important to remember that change can be a great time for many of us to thrive and make fundamental pattern reversals.

And to let you know that you are being called by the Universe to participate in this completely free 30 Day “Release” Challenge, here is a note about our current planetary alignment.

“With Mars in Scorpio in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn, it’s time to bury the past, forgive the grudge, do the shadow work and move forward with integrity. Death to the deadly defense mechanism of demonizing others. The price we pay both personally and collectively is beyond tragic at this point.” ~Sherene Vismaya Schostak

Listen to this episode.

Do You Believe in The Veil Between Two Worlds? How to Tap Into Your Unlimited Light Source with Donna Lipman
June 06, 2016 03:32 AM PDT
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So it’s no surprise that Summer is in full swing. Yay!

unnamedDespite all the fun that we are having or are planning to have this summer, sometimes life throws us unexpected curve balls…ever notice?

This was true for Deborah this past week as one of her good friends was immediately rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery, which will forever change the trajectory of their life. You see, her healthy, athletic, working out and running daily friend, was in great shape when their heart temporarily stopped.

In that moment, their life, in this reality, in this current body, ceased to briefly exist. With that experience, she and I were whipped into the remembrance that in an instant everything can and will change… and in today’s earth time, things are changing even more rapidly with the Universe.

Can you feel it? Are you experiencing this too? Today we are playing a replay from an interview Deborah and I had with Shadowing Processing Expert, Donna Lipman. In this enchanting and insightful conversation she talks about tapping into your UNLIMITED light source. A conversation that guides us into how we can be with the LIGHT of Universe’s change by acknowledging our shadows. Here are a few comments listeners have made about this interview.

Check out the wonderful feedback we got from our first interview with Donna:

It's OK to be Happy (or Sad),...You Know
May 30, 2016 03:53 AM PDT
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Have you ever been asked the question.."So tell me, How Are You?" Well, the other day while prepping for The REVEAL show, Deborah asked me that exact question. She asked me what was going on with me… then she asked me, “How are you?” and my response was…rather alarming.

You see, when she asked me that question, I responded with the following statement. I said, “Well, I’m happy right now.” The tone in my voice clearly indicated that that while I felt happy it was almost as if I was anticipating that someone would [could] come in and actually steal my happiness. It was also almost as if, it was not OK to be happy because at any point…I would no longer be happy.

It was in that moment with my vulnerable response to Deborah’s question that I knew I was clouding my Happiness with the anxiety of no longer being happy… and was actually "robbing" myself of being fully present and in joy.

Join us for today’s podcast as Deborah and I explore the conversation of being OK with happiness AND sadness. In this (as always) revealing conversation, titled, "It's Ok to be Happy (or Sad), You Know". You can join us Live or on the podcast replay!

Are You On The Highway Of Life With Too Many Yield Signs?
May 30, 2016 03:20 AM PDT
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Loved planning our show for you today as we discuss about...you know that time when you feel you are really gaining traction on a project, or in a relationship, or feel good thing and then all of a sudden everything STOPS...

We usually go into fear about how we, they, or the situation is all wrong. We start look for ways in which we are somehow unworthy, not good enough, or some other wrongness. We believe we are BACKSLIDING! Ugh!

What if we could view this differently? What if something else needs to to be known or acknowledged before we can go on?


Dang! what a concept ...right? Years ago a great spiritual teacher of mine suggested that when I hit that stop gap, it quite possibly could be that I needed to integrate some new information I received, or what I had taken in, and that I needed time to assimilate before I moved on.

Great words that I still live by.

Lyanca and I look at what is behind all this anxiety and it sure seems to be fear....permeating everything these days.

If something in our life stops or slows down or goes away, we immediately skid into the fear and then blame all that stuff out there or ourselves because things are not moving at the speed we decided it should.

We are learning a higher sense of timing is at work and if we can just allow it,
everything starts to flow again, and sometimes it's even better!

Listen and learn what to do when you hit your stop gaps or the hidden "backslides" in life....don't miss this one, it even blew Lyanca and I away!

Creating Success Through Shifting Your Virtuali-TEA
May 30, 2016 02:10 AM PDT
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Mary Meston - Co-Hosts of The Reveal, Conscious Coaches and Leaders

Do you feel alone?

I know you may have a business, a flourishing career, or are building a platform and are possibly working on getting your 2K plus followers…but do you sometimes feel alone in your efforts?

Weeeeell, I am here to tell that you are not ALONE. At least not alone in your feeling. In fact, there are several new business owners, career crushers, and all around badasses who sometimes ‘feel’ the same way.

You see, I have struggled with the same feeling when I launched my live events consulting business 4 years ago…and even though, I was meeting new people, attending live networking events, and educating new business owners about the benefits of hosting their own live events, at the end of the day, I felt REALLY alone in my business. Until I realized that I didn’t have to be.

Today, Deborah and I are sharing a true hidden gem whose work has inspired some of the most high-profile executives and athletes to create the most incrediable results. Mary Meston, is here on today’s live podcast to share why we don’t have to be ALONE in our businesses, or with any goal setting challenge anymore. Mary, who is known as one of the most prominent high-performance coaches in the field, is talking with us today about how to remove the stresses associated with creative sharing, or business building…PLUS, she shares the 5 traits of a high-performance entrepreneur and does not hold anything back.

March 24, 2016 10:05 AM PDT
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Lyanca and Deborah - Co-Hosts of The Reveal, Conscious Coaches and Leaders

Are you over getting so many emails promising how if you do "X" you'll 'catch the golden star', or 'hit the jackpot', or the perfect relationship will 'fall in your lap'?

I know we are. That's why today's podcast is all around the idea of stopping the 'efforting', striving, and the notion "You can MAKE it happen." We have learned so much this year about allowing and immersed ourselves in finding out more about flow.

One is very difficult...the other is quite fun and easy. Come join us on this call as we explore how you can stop trying so hard and at times watch things workout effort-less-ly.

This ones for you if you're feeling ..."Over it."

Are You Living in "Extremeville", Overwhelm or Stuck? Let's Find Your Sweet Spot!
March 10, 2016 05:26 AM PST
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Practically everyone Lyanca and I speak with these days feel they are in what seems "Extremeville." By that we mean most people feel as if they are either stuck in a rut or in complete and total overwhelm....or as I like to term it....

"Drinking from the proverbial Fire hose." Yes..now that's an image you might relate to!

What we have discovered is that Overwhelm and Stuck are really the same thing. Just imagine a stick, ONE stick....or a continuum with overwhelm on one end and stuck on the other. Opposite sides of the same energy.

Lyanca and I have realized you actually feel the same when you find yourself on either end of the stick.

You feel anxiety, you're unhappy, feeling as if you're not getting what you want, or I cant fix it....and the list goes on. We have placed these two situations on different planets when they are actually the same thing...just different sides of

a spectrum!

Ok, with that realization, this podcast describes how we can find our own unique sweet spot...or our unique flow. Lyanca says it perfectly, there is no such thing as being perfectly balanced...just as the ocean always ebbs and flows, so do we. Constantly changing moving....

If you find you are bouncing back and forth or walking the tightrope between these two seeming opposites, this podcast is for you!

Listen in as we lead you into recognizing your own sweet spot. Where YOU discover your personal allowance of a situation that can take you into relaxing more into wherever you find yourself on the scale.

We so loved this call...and we had some of our own realizations as well....of course we did, This is REVEAL!

This call is setting the ground work for our call next week....."Preparing to Receive." And it's probably not what you think.....but that's the idea with us. Our desire is to get you thinking, pondering and asking questions about all that feels uncomfortable. This really is information we haven't heard anyone else talking about. But by now, if you've been following us, you know we want to explore these topics with you!

Come play with us on this intriguing podcast .......come hang out with a couple of "Fringe-dwellers.! smiley

Elevating Your Client Attractor
February 26, 2016 04:32 AM PST
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We are so glad you have joined us for this REVEAL journey.

You see, next month marks the first full year since we launched THE REVEAL Podcast and WOW what a journey it has been.

When Deborah and I first started talking about creating a podcast we had no idea we would be changing thousands of lives all over the globe in such a short amount of time.

Looking back even 4 years ago we always knew we had a passion to share life changing methodologies with those who may not normally have access to some of the thought leaders that we featured on the show.

Through employing unconventional efforts such as partnering with main stream Television, like ABC, featuring uncommon “speakers” as interview guests, and creating grass roots marketing events, Deborah and I have been honored to share new topics, methodologies, and a create judgement free zone. We were over-joyed to create a forum where speakers and listeners REVEALed their techniques or mishaps that have elevated their lives, relationships, business decisions and over-all happiness.

In celebration of this anniversary,

Join Deborah and I today as we discuss… how to elevate your Client Attractor Factor by hosting your own podcast
(or interview series)

On this special broadcast, we talk about
• Why would anyone want to start a podcast
• How to Start a feature opt-in to attract more followers in your target market and drive more people to your business.
• How to Successfully promote your business using a podcast, to monetize your account, become the “go-to expert” and benefit your bottom line
• Plus, how to “just do it” when getting your message, business idea, or creation “out there”

I promise this will be a very fun and informative conversation. Plus, if you are interested in learning more about starting your own podcast, or tele-series, or tele-summit then check out this link to learn more: http://lyanca.com/shop/mobile-podcast-genius/

50 Ways to Love Your Leaver! Part 2
February 23, 2016 03:00 AM PST
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Yes thats right.....not 50 ways to leave your lover.....50 Ways to Love Your Leaver!!
Happy Valentines week everyone and you know what that means, its all about love this week. Who you love now, who you loved then, who will you love next week? All of it....

In the celebration of our feature this weekend on ABC, our podcast today is very different, (as usual) looking at how not to stay in the "You did me wrong" space, but this week we are discussing how to create and allow more love into our lives by being uber responsible for ourselves. Whether you are in love, looking for love or in a relationship that is lacking love we are all down with getting real about this topic!

Since everything is an inside job, we start with us and today we look at how to open ourselves for more of what we want and take the tough stance with ourselves on our own love responsibility.
So many of us are still carrying suitcases full of resentment, bitterness, sadness and anger at our exes or even friends and family. We are afraid to confront, apologize or really clean up our side of the fence in relationship.

Join us today to learn:

Do you still have a nagging feeling over an ex or someone you cared about?...AND...How to recognize if you do..AND...How to release...How do you begin to let go of someone who broke your heart?
Ways to get your self ready for love now, not later!

Plus, learn how to "courageously confront" when the need is there...how to choose to clean up your past skeletons in the closet for more space for love in all areas of your life

Lyanca and I were into it fast-and-furious on this call so we are also doing a follow-up show next week, with deeper processes to support you in "moving on." Listen now or on the replay to get to your own relationship closet demons, and move closer to the LOVE, as we do Part 2 next week! PLUS Be sure to check back as we are excited to be talking about this very topic this Saturday on ABC!!!

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